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Updated Covid Links

 Covid Links These are sites I check often enough to make it worth my time to post them to my website because I don't sync my bookmarks. LA City Dashboard: LA County Dashboard: LA County Map: LA Times Dashboard: NY Times Dashboard: IHME Model:

Returning to COVID Month 0

We are all metaphorically going back in time to March, so let's act like it. Do you remember how the magnitude of the danger and disruption of COVID-19 dawned on you? If not, you're about to experience it again anew. I remember in the first month wondering whether I should cancel an in-person meeting of a dozen people, or if the attendees would think I was being overreactive. My Mom asked whether it would be silly to cancel a cross-country plane trip. And then I saw this article by Tomas Pueyo on March 10:  Coronavirus: Why You Must Act Now . In the article, Pueyo warns readers of what came to pass: a wild-fire spread of death curtailed only by cutting off transmission rapidly. It was the first illustration I'd seen of what to expect, which was important because I had no frame of reference. All of this context is building to this: when experts like Fauci say that the worst is yet to come, this is what they mean. Look at the trajectory of cases , and extrapolate the deaths o