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Quick Thinking at a Job Interview

After several uneventful weeks, I once again have things to talk about.  Carlisle just turned SEVEN, which means he surpassed his expected lifespan after rescue by about five-and-a-half years.  Julie and I just took the dogs camping, which meant that Ruby saw the forest for the first time.  Also, my friend Mick just celebrated his birthday.  I've also got a new personal project in the works that I'm very excited about.  For now, I will share the best story I have from Saturday morning. The short version is that Julie had a job interview.  The interview was for a position as a research associate for a new lab at UCLA.  It's very similar to the position which I currently work, except using mice instead of cells in a plate, and also with better pay.  The lab even studies the brain-gut axis, as does our lab.  This isn't really a huge coincidence, since that's a hot topic right now.  Specifically, this new lab studies "The Human Microbiome", which is another