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The Year According to This Blog: Part I

I discovered when I went back to compile a summary of 2015 as presented in my blog that I actually started blogging at the very beginning of January, 2015.  Here is a Part I of the year, with all of my posts linked throughout. January My first post was the major driver for the blog.  I imagined the conversations which would occur when friends and family asked how grad school was going the next time they saw me.  I wasn't sure how to explain that I'd failed out in a way that was both honest but accurately reflected the sense of pride I felt despite my leaving.  Even that seemed likely to sound like revisionism or denial though, so I figured a long-form explanation was needed.  When friends have left jobs or relationships I usually want to know the details, but I don't wish to pry.  I'd thought about blogging before, so I figured this was the time to start with the kind of explanation I'd like to hear if I knew me.  The post, " Lots to Cover: Leaving Gra