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My 2020 Voting Guide

 Here is how I'm voting in 2020: I've received my ballot in the mail and completed it, then I've dropped it off at a Ballot Drop Box. You can find it at: Then, I will sign up for SMS updates on my ballot to confirm receipt: My votes: Note: I'm not in city council district 4, so I can't vote for Nithya Raman, but if you are, DO. I strongly support her. I also strongly support Measure J. It's a vitally important reimagining of public safety that meets the demands of our time. Item Choice Difficulty Reasons City of Los Angeles District 10 Mark Ridley-Thomas Difficult Ridley-Thomas has been in charge for a long time while homelessness, housing shortages, and poor policing have worsened. Ridley-Thomas holds better positions than Yoo, and has been more forthright about them. Board of Trustees, Seat 1 Andra Hoffman Easy DSA-Endorsed Board of Trustees,