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My latest project: a helpful robot friend

 My latest project is a big one, that I've fantasized about since I was a kid. It's a helper and companion robot. Their name is Bellamy Crashbot (although I call them Crashy). More info is available on Hackaday . The appeal of a general purpose robot should be obvious. Who doesn't want a cool, scrappy robot friend to help with chores around the home or lab? But more specifically the goal of the project is -- like most of my projects -- to learn where the field is and try to contribute to it with my own entry. It's a tricky one in this case, since this project is so  big.   When in doubt, I start with the big picture: robots are becoming more ubiquitous, and I wanted to make one that moves around interacts with people. I think different people envision different things when they imagine what constitutes an android like those we see in science fiction, but my bar is frankly not that high. Humans will form emotional relationships with obviously inanimate things if you just