About This Site

This website serves as a central place on the internet for me to provide any content I wish to share. Its primary function is to let friends keep up-to-date on my life. In addition, I use it to host a variety of materials which might be of use to strangers, such as professional documents. If you are looking for something that you don't see here, email me.

The web domain, SHRAD.org, was one I purchased several years ago in order to have a simple, memorable web domain for whatever purpose I wished. I chose "SHRAD" because it's pronounceable and sounds intense. If I ever start a business, I can imagine calling it SHRAD. It stands for "Squirrel Hill Research and Arts Development", after the neighborhood in which I grew up.

If you've come here because of redditgifts, congratulations: you've found the special message.  If you send me a drawing of a penguin (doesn't have to be good) I will buy you one month of reddit gold.

About Me

I'm a biologist living in Los Angeles, California with my marital partner and our three dogs. I grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I studied chemical engineering at Penn State and marine biology at the University of Southern California.

Below my name I describe myself as "A Very Normal Animal".  This isn't to say that I'm not interesting or unique -- it's very normal to be interesting and unique.  I chose this after I considered what those who know me think of me.  I'm low-key.  I'm easy-going.  I'm not overly expressive, yet I'm completely honest at all times.  The ironic result of being both totally uninhibited and mild-mannered is that my sincerity has repeatedly raised suspicion in first impressions.  I have been told by several friends that it was only after knowing me for several weeks or more that they realized that rather than projecting an elaborate mask, I was actually as guileless as I appeared.