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This makerspace I volunteer at is celebrating our reopening with live music and an ice cream truck. It's an awesome place, so if you're free this Sunday at 2, come check it out. You can carpool with me, @ginanddiesel and @ginanddiesel's flame thrower. Link to Instagram

RPG Stories: "Corporation: The Missing Element"

I've been running a table top game with friends for a while that takes place in a cyberpunk future, and recently had what felt like an exceptional session. Jack was visiting from Austin for the weekend, and so members of our D&D group arranged to meet for an unusual Saturday session.  Normally we play short little weekday sessions from 8 - 10.  The mission was called "The Hidden Element", and began with the members of their squad fighting their way through the White House to rescue President Kennedy from Osama Bin Hitler when an urgent summons interrupted the VR training simulation they were conducting.  A rare scientific artifact had gone missing at a physics conference on a South Pacific island research center. When they arrived at the Papua New Guinea Institute of Physical Sciences (PIPS) island, the director took half of the party to meet with UCLA physicist Lohan Botem while Hiro and Aston spoke to the on-site director of security.  Xeres, Perez, and thei