My 2020 Voting Guide

 Here is how I'm voting in 2020:

I've received my ballot in the mail and completed it, then I've dropped it off at a Ballot Drop Box. You can find it at:

Then, I will sign up for SMS updates on my ballot to confirm receipt:

My votes:

Note: I'm not in city council district 4, so I can't vote for Nithya Raman, but if you are, DO. I strongly support her. I also strongly support Measure J. It's a vitally important reimagining of public safety that meets the demands of our time.

City of Los Angeles
District 10Mark Ridley-ThomasDifficultRidley-Thomas has been in charge for a long time while homelessness, housing shortages, and poor policing have worsened. Ridley-Thomas holds better positions than Yoo, and has been more forthright about them.
Board of Trustees, Seat 1Andra HoffmanEasyDSA-Endorsed
Board of Trustees, Seat 3David VelaEasyDSA-Endorsed
Board of Trustees, Seat 5Nichelle M. HendersonEasyDSA-Endorsed
Board of Trustees, Seat 7Mike FongEasyDSA-Endorsed
Board of Education 3Scott SchmerelsonEasyDSA-Endorsed
Board of Education 7Patricia CastellanosEasyDSA-Endorsed
State AssemblyTracy Bernard JonesEasyTracy Bernard Jones is a standard Democratic Socialist with the right positions. The incumbant, Kamlager has capitulated on progressive causes.
Congressional District 37Karen BassEasyBass is a very above-average representative. She's made mistakes (particuarly SESTA/FOSTA) but is overall a force for positive change.
LA School Distirict Measure RRYesEasyOur schools are literally our most valuable investment.
2nd District SupervisorHerb J. WessonDifficultLike Ridley-Thomas, with whom Wesson is swapping due to term limits, the results of Wesson's long tenure are damning. But his stated policies are strong. All of this can be said about State Senator Holly Mitchell too. DSA endorses Mitchell, but I'm following the endorsement of Melina Abdullah of BLM-LA.
DAGeorge GasconEasyGascon is a reformer, Lacey is standing in the way of reform.
Judge No. 72Myanna DellingerEasyDSA-Endrosed
Judge No. 80Klint James McKayEasyDSA-Endrosed
Judge No. 162David D. DiamondEasyA professor and sometimes defender running against a prosecutor
Measure J - Alternatives to IncarcerationYES!EasyMeasure J is a bold committment of the county budget to social programs and deserves full support.
14 - Stem cell research fundingNoSomeIt's a worthwhile use of money, but the organizing structure may have outlived its usefulness. It's complicated.
15 - Constitutional Tax AmendmentYES!EasyThis is a huge transfer of money from the wealthy and corporations into the most important state resource: education.
16 - Affirmative ActionYES!EasyConservative California barred consideration of race in 1992 in hiring and education. This would repeal an outdated impediment against common modern practices.
17 - ReenfranchizementYES!EasyLet more Californians vote. Duh.
18 - Enfranchising 17 year-oldsYesEasyLet more Californians vote. Duh.
19 - Property Tax RulesNoEasyThis is one of those sneaky ones. It's bad.
20 - Parole RestrictionNoEasyThis is an attempt to repeal recent progressive reforms to end cash bail and pretrial detention of non-violent offenders. Vote no.
21 - Rent ControlYesEasyThis expands areas allowed to rent control property. It's complicated, but not that complicated: rent control protects current tenants.
22 - Uber AB5 freakoutNoEasyCalifornia's biggest employers spent $181 MILLION dollars trying to limit worker rights.
23 - Dialysis clinic requirementsYesEasyRegulates under-regulated dialysis clinics
24 - Consumer PrivacyYesDifficultThis is a good idea, although it's widely seen as a little under-developed, which is why some want to wait. Andrew Yang, Ro Khanna, and the NAACP support it, so I am too.
25 - Cash Bail ReferendumNoEasyThis weakens recent criminal justice reforms.
PresidentJoe Biden and Kamala HarrisEasy

Here's the DSA's voter guide, which include great explanations for each vote. Also, here is the LA Times voter guide, which frankly I didn't consult, but others might find useful.