Captain America Shield

I went with friends to the premier of "Avengers: Age of Ultron" in costume, by which I mean that I made Captain America's shield. I'm outlining the basic build process for the sake of others who might learn from my partial success. TL;DR: I cut costs and got an okay product, but with way more work.

Basically, there is a right way to make a Captain America Shield.  Buy an MH brand saucer sled and paint it with stencils.  I didn't want to spend $38 on the sled, so I found a much cheaper, flimsier one and then tried to strengthen it with fiberglass.  It worked, but I spent a week and a bottle of fiberglass resin just to get a saucer that was almost as nice.  Frankly, I should of just spent the $38.

The painting went well enough, but the fiberglass took so much time that I didn't get to paint the back or apply a gloss coat, and I had to rush the star on the front an hour before the movie started.  See below.