Radiatore: Best Pasta (Fuck you Tony)

Tony wrote a listicle of pasta shapes from worst to best (at my recommendation (you're welcome)). But when I finished reading it I was shocked to find the number-one champ totally ignored (#bernieblackout). When I pointed out this journalistic malpractice to Tony, he smirked that I can write my own damn article, and so I have. You're welcome, Tony, you plebeian garbage person.

Top 1 best pastas (in both ascending and descending order!)

#1: Radiatore

This bad-ass bitch marches to the beat of her own drum. Not some derivative of tube, radiatore (appropriately named after its resemblance to a radiator) has a lovely, fun texture that can be uniquely appreciated by both children and gourmets. It goes well with sauces thick and thin and is surprisingly easy to find in stores, unlike some of the more exotic shapes.

Here's to you, champ! Pasta-numero-uno!