A Map of My Travels in 2019

Travel in 2019.

Here is a map of places Google Places tracked me in 2019.

By the way, I strongly encourage everyone to request a summary like this.  We're all tracked constantly.  Most of us are tracked by our phones which log our GPS location, by our cell carrier, which logs the location of cell towers we connect to, and by our devices' WiFi connections.  Phones, laptops, ereaders, smart watches, and others can know our location by the WiFi networks that appear.  Reducing your trackability is an option, but I think a more practical and moderate one is to simply request a copy of the logs that these tech companies have.  I appreciate that Google sends me a monthly update, which often reminds me of activities that I hadn't thought of since they happened, reinforcing my memories of good times.  Consider checking your Google Place settings and requesting a monthly summary like this.

California (Obviously), TX, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, New York, and Ireland

I traveled all around Southern California