The Mozingo Wedding

What a weekend.

An old friend, Peter, visited town on his way back to his current home in Uruguay. He came to LA for my wedding, then visited his family on the East coast before returning to Los Angeles to fly home.

On Saturday morning we went to the beach with the intention of diving.  The waves were too rough, so we hung out on the beach instead, which was just fine.  Afterwards, we got Mexican food before heading to a friend's wedding.

Regan and Schno held a very personal ceremony.  They encouraged all guests to dress in whatever garb made them feel powerful, so their wedding was attended by wizards and a guy who might actually be the real Thor.  Afterwards, we all went back to their house for a party for the ages.

Regan and Schno throw great parties on a regular basis, so it should be no surprise that their wedding reception was one for the ages.  It included a variety show, in which I participated.  I can't express how much fun this was.  This is a crowd that includes a lot of musicians and performers.  Along with a handful of actors and models, their crowd includes jugglers, fire spinners, burlesque dancers, and any other kind of entertainer you can imagine.  Despite the gap in talent that exists between myself and the rest of this group, they happen to be exceedingly receptive, so when Regan asked all guests to consider performing in the variety show, I was game.

I asked Jack to assist me with a vaudeville act.  I don't know where he heard of it, but he told me about it in high school, and we did it once for some friends on a camping trip.  It requires two people.  One stands behind the other and tries to present their arms as those of the person in front.  The person in front wears shoes on their hands and presents their arms as legs.  It's cheesy, but when done well the effect is goofy.  Throw in a few bawdy jokes about the newlyweds and you've got a routine.

It went over about as well as I could've hoped.  We got genuine laughs from the audience at each of the laugh lines.  Its a buoyant feeling.  It was a great party, and it was wonderful to spend a bit more time with Peter before he went home.

The next day, after Jack dropped Peter off at the airport I went with him, Julie, and our friend Si to a spa in Wilshire.  We'd talked about going for a long time and this was the weekend when we finally followed through.  I didn't think I liked spas, but this turned my opinion around.  I want to go again next month.  I've got so much going on that my head is spinning, but at least I feel refreshed.  What a weekend.