I saw Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice

On Tuesday I went to see the new Batman Superman movie with Ryan and Jack.  It was truly abysmal.  I knew going in that the movie wasn't made for me, and so I tried to go in and watch it for what it was trying to be.  But boy did it stink.

There are lots of movies that don't quite work.  2006's "Superman Returns" for example was another Superman film that flopped.  At the time, I was an apologist, because I could see what director Bryan Singer was trying to accomplish.  He failed, but I could appreciate that he had picked his version of the character and made his creative decisions, even if the pieces never quite fell into place the way he'd hoped.

But this film... Zach Snyder and David Goyer join the ranks of George Lucas, M. Knight Shyamalan, and Damon Lindelof as creative minds with terrible taste and complete confidence in themselves.

Like the other three, this writer director team created a movie which could only have come to exist because the driving minds behind it had a certainty that precluded any doubt or feedback that they were brilliant intellectuals when I'm uncertain if either could name their favorite book.

There isn't a clear story.  There's hardly any dialogue, just people delivering monologues and occasionally two people taking turns delivering monologues without really addressing what the other just said.

Is it the B-movie garbage that "Green Lantern" was?  No.  It's well shot, it's expensive, and it clearly takes itself deadly serious. You can find things to like in it if you really look.  But when you have to pick through so much outrageous shit to find the peanuts of entertainment...why bother?