D&D Update: The Hunt for Beyrin Teth and Carmella of Dreadwood - Plus new Players

EDIT: I wrote this a few weeks ago and didn't notice that I never published it.  I'm publishing it now because I intend to give more DnD updates and need to provide context.

The last I mentioned of our heroes, they'd sailed off after stealing a cache of weapons from some bad guys to sell to other bad guys in order to advance in the criminal underworld.  They stopped over on Dreadwood Isle along the way, since everyone had something they needed to do there.  Honton, the captain, needed to hire additional hands.  Sincey, the monk, had agreed to capture a wanted outlaw of the empire named Beyrin Teth in exchange for a relic of his order.  Lucious, the muscle, was set on finding the infamous warlord who'd maligned his reputation.  He'd heard that Dreadwood was ruled by a despot that paid tribute to his quarry.

We met Lady Yin and Jim Lee, our two new players.  We've actually been playing with them for a few months now, but this campaign was established much earlier so they didn't have characters in it until now.  Lady Yin is a bitter fighter who grew up in a brothel to be its guard as she was too homely to practice the trade.  Three prostitutes were kidnapped while she was escorting them on a long journey and she will never return home until she's recovered them.  Jim Lee is a half dwarf with four arms.  He is an outcast due to his mixed blood and his freaky extra arms.  He's been described as looking like a tiny Goro.

Sincey wheeled-and-dealed until he tricked a farmer into leading him to the outlaw's safehouse.  He stole Beyerin Teth's horse to prevent his escape and then returned to town to sell it.  Lucious went to the library to learn more about Carmella of Dreadwood since it is the font of all knowledge.  They told him to ask elsewhere so he went to a bar and got rowdy until some pirates told him they were taking a delivery to her and invited him to come along.

When Sincey returned to the safehouse, Teth had fled.  He returned to the farmer he'd followed and interrogated him until he confessed that Teth had absconded when he realized he was being hunted and had headed for the next island in the chain.

Lady Yin and Jim Lee traveled north looking for any sign of the man with silver teeth who'd kidnapped Lady Yin's charges.  Honton, Sana, and Sincey sailed to the northern end of Dreadwood to try and catch Lucious before he got himself killed by the dangerous Carmella.

(This was the end of our session on September 13)

Lucious, hung over as hell, disembarked the unfamiliar ship and did a bird call, because Julie had recently leveled him up and given him bird calls as a new skill.  She rolled two twenties in a row and ended up bonding with a giant crane as her new familiar.  Lady Yin and Jim Lee, who'd been traveling the north road while the others were sailing encountered Lucious and the pirates as he was heading south and they joined him.  When Sana, Sincey, and Honton reached Carmella's compound Lucious was already inside the gate with his new pirate friends as well as Lady Yin and Jim Lee.

Lucious demanded an audience with Carmella.  He was turned away and threatened until he displayed a rolled up message with a seal.  As he was illiterate, he had no idea what the seal or message said.  By sheer luck, it'd been given to his crew by one of the most notorious slave traders in the land.  It happened to be a potent incentive.

By the time Honton, Sincey, and Sana had scaled the wall and crossed the grounds, Carmella was savagely beating Lucious, Lady Yin, and Jim Lee.  As warned, Carmella was a nearly unstoppable juggernaut, and Sincey and Sana were about to confront her far less prepared than their crewmates had been moments earlier.

Sana, who we recently learned is bipolar, simply walked into the main hall and performed a confident slow clap.  Though scared as hell, the insane gambit actually worked.  Through cunning, she convinced Carmella that she and Sincey worked for the warlord who Carmella served, and had sent these three fighters as a loyalty test.

Once they'd been shown to a lavish room in Carmella's fortress they went off to free the others from the dungeon.  As luck would have it, a disgruntled guard had simply freed them before running off.

Under the cover of dark, the six heroes confronted Carmella once more outside her sleeping chamber, and together slayed her.

At the conclusion of last week's adventure, Lucious and company demanded the fealty of Carmella's erstwhile guards as they bore her severed head a loft at the top of the opulent staircase.

Come back for further updates in two weeks, as we'll be off this weekend while Julie and I go on vacation!