New Project: Building a Chicken Coop

A few weeks ago my neighbor got three chickens.  Following some discussion, she agreed to let me build a coop for them.  I'm excited to have a new project to work on.  Last Sunday I got started.  Pictures are below.

 This is the space it will go in.  The current coop will go inside of the new one.

The design 

 Cutting wood

 Laying out the frame of the first wall

The first wall, with a door.

As I said, I'm super excited for this.  It's a fun project, and it's larger in scale that I'd be able to manage normally.  My neighbors have a great backyard to work in.  More picture as this project develops.


  1. A coop within a coop? You're throwin' me for a loop? why those chickies need double coopin'?

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  3. They need a hen house and this is easier than building one from scratch. Also


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