This is a collection of projects I've enjoyed.  Please forgive the mess, this page is under construction.

Electronics & Robotics

Sareen Lab Custom Bioprinter

Unfortunately, my proudest creation is unsharable until published.  It's a K8400 Vertex 3D printer refitted to print gels.

The building a soft-material printer was just the beginning.  Replicating tissue
required far more engineering solutions than I could've foreseen.

Robot control scheme -

This was a subsystem of an underwater robot.  A Raspberry Pi reads input from a PS3 controller, then relays instructions to an Arduino, which controls speed controllers that control brushless motors.

Underwater Photobooth (The Shelfie Machine)

This is a Raspberry Pi Photobooth inside an acyrlic waterproof housing.  It's activated through the housing via a button with a hall sensor on the inside.  It was built for an underwater convention and provided some great shots.

Prosthetic Costume Arc Reactor - Instructables

This was a lot of firsts: the first time I designed a PCB, the first time I etched a PCB... I didn't even know how to solder, and this required me to reflow solder paste to attach surface-mount components.

The work was all super worth it.  My husband continues to use this for conventions and photo shoots years later.

Magic Mirror with Voice Response

My brother and I followed general guides on building a magic mirror, including instructions for installing Amazon's Echo software.  The thing I like best is that it offers Alexa voice assistant functionality, but the user has low-level control over the hardware and the wake system for improved privacy.

Textiles & Costumes

Captain America Leather Jacket - Instructables

I wanted a cosplay jacket subtle enough for everyday wear.  This project took about 80 hours over 6-weeks and cost around $80.  I love how it came out.

Jafar Costume 

This costume for our annual costume contest at work was one of the first times I tried making a costume from whole-cloth (literally).  Instead of looking for items from thrift stores, I bought fabric and clay for the serpent.  The results look... deviousss.

Captain America Costume - Instructables

This was my first sewn costume, and also marked a turning point in my fondness for Captain America.  I love the idea of someone so earnestly trying to do good.

3D Printed Captain America Helmet - Instructables

This was a very basic, easy 3D printing project.  I was surprised that there wasn't a guide on Instructables, so I added one.  Print.  Apply wood filler.  Paint.

Mjolnir - Imgur

This project went wrong, but that's fine.  You learn more from mistakes.  The intention was to replicate the classical version of Thor's famous hammer from the legends using plaster.  I learned a lot about plaster casting.

Fiberglass Captain America Shield - Imgur

The results were mixed when I tried to make Cap's shield because I tried to keep it cheap.  I used a cheaper disk sled than I should've, and applied fewer layers of fiberglass. But I learned how to apply fiberglass, so it worked out.


Chicken Coup - Instructables

Lasercut box - Imgur

Tabletop / Vertical Convertable Chess Board - Instructables

Chupa - Instructables

Climbing Hangboard - Instructables

Free-standing Sun Shade - Instructables

Lofted Bed

Book shelf


Deep Sea collection box

Inventory Tracker