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HexLab: a Makerspace to be proud of

Last month, I joined a makerspace called HexLab.  It's been around five years or so, but the founder concluded that he no longer has the time to manage it, so he transferred ownership to Allen Pan, a YouTuber I follow.  At the same time, HexLab is moving to a new location. I've been volunteering weekly for the last four weeks, so I've gotten to see something old become new again and then take shape.  Last Saturday, HexLab had its first member meeting since I joined, and I volunteered as the interim facilities and safety coordinator.  For the next three months, I'll be responsible for setting up the equipment.  Equally exciting, though, is the opportunity to promote the ideal environment.  I think most tinkerers dream of getting to work in a place like Tony Stark's garage , or Shuri's lab , or  the batcave .  I want this to be a space with flavor, and as interim facilities coordinator, that's what I'm going to try to do.