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A Day at the Races

Last Sunday, a good friend invited us to a lure course a friend of his operates.  A lure course is a long string pulled by a motor that drags little fluffy things around a track very fast. These are used at dog tracks to lure the dogs to run around the racetrack, but uses it just to entertain pets. Carlisle didn't understand it.  As soon as we released him, he ran over to the fence where Julie and Seamus were and pleaded to be picked up.  Ruby -- who absolutely loves toys -- took to it immediately.  Seamus, however, loved it the most.  Chasing things may be Seamus' greatest love, however it isn't one we let him indulge in because he'll raise all kinds of hell.  For once, we let him cut loose, and the result was that he went so hard he broke a nail and didn't even notice.  We wrapped it and let him go again.  The video below doesn't do full justice to Seamus' excitement, but it comes  close because a Mexican family was playing appropri

Troubleshooting Linux Mint bluetooth audio

This post is not for the benefit of entertainment.  I just solved a small audio problem and I'm leaving a record to assist anyone who stumbles across this page from an internet search. The problem:  My audio headset wouldn't play sound on my computer.  I'm using Linux Mint 17. The details: My speaker is actually a headset.  My computer detected it, and paired with it, but wouldn't play sound through it.  I came across many bug reports where users couldn't get the device to show up in their sound settings list of output options.  In my case, it appeared, but I couldn't select it.  If I tried to test sound, it still came through the computer speakers. The solution: I installed PulseAudio volume control, which provides extra sound settings.  I changed my Bluetooth headset configuration. Here is the page that helped me get it working: AskUbuntu: No sound from bluetooth headset, but it's detected As instructed, I installed PulseAudio volu