Another update on the RPG Fully Automated!

 My last blog post was June 28, sharing a beta version of my game.

It's nearly six months later. Hundreds of hours have been spent on this, and sometimes I feel like that's a nuts thing to do. But it's gotten away from me at this point. It's too good not to finish, and so far along. I could release it as it is now, though it'd remain just a curiosity. To see it become what I really want means at least trying to promote it, and I can't promote it until it's DONE done.

The manual still needs cleanup in places, and that will easily take many hours. I'm considering reformatting it all in a more professional software, though I'm far from certain it's worth the time.

But what really needs prepped is the campaign modules. There's a lot of formatting and assets to play and test.

For now, the goal is to resume trying to find new eyes for this. I don't know how available anyone will be during the holidays, but then again people have time off.

Fully Automated! Solarpunk RPG


Fully Automated! Campaign 1: Regulation