I got married

So, in short I'm burned out.  But in a good way.

I got married on the 22nd of September.  Woo!  Married!

It was a lot of work.  Honestly, declaring myself bound to another human being for life was less stressful than the logistics.  Venue.  Catering.  Cake.  Clothes.  Invitations.  Guests.  I just barely pulled it off, and technically I'm not done until I finish thank yous, receive and sort photos, settle payment and rate the vendors who all did a fantastic job.  Oy.

I don't know if I made myself sick, from exhausting myself or if I just feel exhausted because I happened to get sick.  In either case, I'm exhausted and a little sick.  But not like, out of work, sick.  It's cool.

In addition to the wedding, Julie, myself, and all our friends had a whirlwind week.  Both Julie and myself had family and old friends visiting. I'm just going to break it all down.

Sunday the 18th

Marge and Zeke arrived.

Monday the 19th

Jack, Marge, Zeke and I drove to Joshua Tree.

Tuesday the 20th

Come back from Joshua Tree

Wednesday the 21st

I went into work.

Thursday the 22nd

Friday the 23rd

Saturday the 24th

Sunday the 25th