Stuff I've been doing

Oy.  I swore I'd never make a post about low posting frequency, but here I am.

I'm going to try a new strategy of shorter, more frequent posts in the hope that I'll regain my momentum.

Work's been a little crazy lately since our lab assistant left for a new job, which means that all of her responsibilities are on me until the position is filled.  Yikes.

Last Tuesday, I took Julie to see Audra McDonald and some ballet dancers and also the LA Phil at the Hollywood bowl.  You know when you go to something with high expectations and it's good, but still disappointing?  What is the opposite of that?  Because Audra McDonald was amazing.  She sings like some kind of genetically engineered super-singer, and she was really charming in between songs.  The ballet was a little too classy for me, but still fun.  I haven't seen legit ballet since I became an adult and stopped having parents and teacher around to try and culture me.  They did "Fancy Free", which was delightfully old-timey (Not olde-timey: it's from the 40's, not the 19th century).

D&D has been on my mind a lot lately.  Our recent campaign has been crazy.  It isn't really worth describing, but we had an epic confrontation.  It worked out pretty well.  We killed some kind of evil wizard, which set off a volcano and probably killed a whole island town, but our minataur character has been swearing hellfire from the heavens on this blasted town for weeks, so he was delighted to make good on his threats.

Starting next week I'll be DMing a different storyline, which is exciting but has inspired me to spend a lot of time brainstorming so that I don't eff it up.  Hopefully I'll provide updates soon.

Oh, also I went diving for the first time in... 6 months.  Sorry for the pause, I had to check my dive log.  Anyway, that was fun.  Pictures?  Maybe?  Probably not.  Maybe.  We'll see.